2.4G Digital Wireless Microphone /Conference Microphone/KTV Microphone

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Basic Info
Product description:

2.4G wireless digital microphone is designed specifically for KTV singing high quality wireless devices.
All functions and indicators are designed for KTV wireless microphone applications optimized.

Completely solve the problem of crosstalk has plagued the industry, Chi-day electronic technology unique ID that is
Assigned various sets of microphone technology can guarantee no crosstalk between work independently,
But also makes the system has full compatibility with any one microphone As with any one receiver can work together.

Unlimited number of private rooms, supports frequency and channel reuse.

Full Metal handheld microphone, special rubber buffered tail, with a high anti-drop performance.

Really achieve the professional requirements of sound sampling rates up to 44.1K, 24BIT ultra-high sampling precision
Enables wireless system has a dynamic range of the imagination. This product uses compression technology to ensure
Maximum reduction of high-quality audio signals.

Excellent balance of sound, according to China 's voice features specifically optimized so that the microphone catchy,
Easy to sing at the same time is extremely explosive.

Microphone normal operating voltage as low as 1.8V, two of the 5th 2500MAH rechargeable battery can be powered
Directly for up to 30 hours of continuous work, KTV discount operators have lower operating costs.