M6 Mini Electric Condenser Microphone

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M6 Mini Electric Condenser Microphone Wireless Karaoke Bluetooth Microphone Speaker with earphone For Phone PC

M6 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Sing Play Microphones with A Earphone 

1, wireless connect microphone. Breaking the traditional microphone connection mode, mobile phone bluetooth can search the product, air play equal to a mini bluetoothspeaker;at the same time instead of the ordinary microphone,ordinary audio! A price, two kinds of functions, enjoy the convenience of smart Home Furnishing times. 
2, support Bluetooth. Use mobile phone Bluetooth synchronous play, directly avoid the music and pronunciation inconsistencies, when use, feel at ease and comfortable 
3, support recording. supply microphone-headset connection cable, link mobile phone song APP recorded songs, you can achieve the singing recording function. 
4, support calls. If when the singing, there are calling, press "play / pause" button to change calling function! 
5, high-quality material. ABS shell, aluminum alloy handle, metal net cover process, high quality products, reliable quality, sound quality is perfect effect! 
6, intelligent compatible .support mobile phone and computer ,tablet;support sing, vocal concert , cool K song and other sing song software, easy to cast off compatible problem. 

Product size: 22 X 7 X 7cm/8.66 X 2.76 X 2.76" 
Microphone net weight: About 200g 
Product material: ABS shell, aluminum alloy handle, metal net cover 
Input voltage: 5V 
Power supply mode: USB power supply 
Battery capacity: 1000MA 
Connection: phone bluetooth 
Color: gold, pink,light green, black 
Applicable places: family, KTV, outdoor, car, stage, etc. 
Reminder: the product equip with the Chinese English manual, recorded the songs, singing, tuning are very thorough explanation, to help you enjoy the new M6 Bluetooth microphones !