Outdoor KTV Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke MICrophone

1.Type: Bluetooth Wireless 2.Bluetooth: Available 3.Impedance (Speaker): 2 * 4Ω 4.Life time: 12H 5.Charging time: 3 ~ 4H 6.Charging: DC5V / 0.8A

Product Details

Mini Professional Magic Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone With Bluetooth Super Bass Speaker Outdoor KTV For Iphone Android


This microphone provides the solution of the outdoor singing or speech, no matter there is a party, picnic or other outdoor activities, Bluetooth microphone makes it so easy to increase the voice volume and the karaoke effect makes the singing and speech much more impressed and enjoyable, this is a must-have tool during the outdoor entertainments.



Brand-new design of appearance
New voice volume adjusting machine
Support mobile USB Disk
High quality dual horns bring awesome effect




Type: Bluetooth Wireless
Bluetooth: Available
Impedance (Speaker): 2 * 4Ω
Life time: 12H
Charging time: 3 ~ 4H
Charging: DC5V / 0.8A
Output Power: 5w x 2( two horns both side)
Frequency Range: 30Hz- 20KHz
Battery: 2600mah Lith Battery 47.2V
Maximum sound pressure Class:> 115dB 1Khz THD <1%
Use: Mobile phone, K song, Family KTV


Package included:

1X  Wireless Bluetooth Microphone
1X  USB Cable
1X  Instructions

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