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Amazon is applying for a new patent for the AR fitting room

Jan 08, 2018

Amazon is applying for a new patent for the AR fitting room

In the purchase of clothes, if there is a digital avatar can be fitting is not a wonderful thing. With a little tap, you have a whole new line. There are already domestic Suning, Alibaba and other companies are trying to do, recently, Amazon's dressing room patent application exposure.

More specifically, this is a mirror that lets you try on clothes in a virtual environment. Unlike ordinary mirrors, these clothes are not real and appear digitally via AR mapping.

The device uses a combination of monitors, cameras and technology to provide customers the opportunity to try out AR clothing. Although the mirror can be according to, but not so clear, this is probably the future function of dressing mirror compromise.

Amazon is currently patenting the device. Last year, Amazon acquired Body Labs, a 3D body modeling company that offers 3D body modeling. The company primarily helps apparel retailers by better recommending sizes to consumers to reduce returns.

Amazon is already one of the largest apparel retailers in the world and the introduction of the AR fitting room undoubtedly will speed up their pace of growth in the digital economy.