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Character Description of Bluetooth Microphones

Nov 01, 2017

Character Description of Bluetooth Microphones

1 with 2.4G technology to achieve full digital wireless transmission.

2 built-in professional digital mixer, to achieve professional K song effect.

3 built-in digital effects, to achieve KTV-level reverb effect.

4 built-in simple vocal algorithm, a small part of the network song can eliminate the original song (on the background music effect).

5 true one-to-two design, all the way to the radio air channel to receive two independent microphones.

6 reserved 6.35 interface, can do standard wireless microphone use.

7 to send and receive distance margin design method, straight and wide distance of 30 meters, large living room without dead ends.

8 intelligent frequency hopping technology, multiple sets of use without interference.

9 dual antenna technology, 360 degrees without dead ends.

10 adaptive wireless transmission technology, WIFI, Bluetooth environment can be used normally.

11 smart identification code technology to prevent different cepons between microphones only.

12 built-in high-fidelity digital sound card, to achieve the perfect music player.

13 built-in simple digital mixer, for male and female characteristics, the appropriate adjustment of the microphone audio characteristics.

14 built-in infrared receiver circuit, you can define a variety of remote control function.

15 volume adjustment circuit using multi-channel design principles, so you can adjust the microphone volume, music volume, recording volume,

And total volume.

16 microphone volume, music volume, recording volume, and total volume, mute function independent settings.

17 built-in power-down noise circuit, the system integrated box power and power failure will not cause the speaker to burst the sound.

18 microphone built-in low voltage detection and low voltage indication circuit.

19 cleverly designed microphone gain adjustment circuit, so that small K successfully realize the professional-level microphone dynamic range, so that you

The song hearty dripping.

20 system-wide noise abatement design concept, not only successfully solve the 2.4G audio system often high frequency noise, but also successfully achieved

Ultra low back noise.

21 built-in USB drive circuit, with the computer's plug and play.

22 built-in stereo audio input interface, direct access to professional digital mixer, in order to achieve multi-mode K song.

23 built-in multiple LED status indicator, a variety of working conditions, working mode at a glance.