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Features of Lavalier microphone

Nov 17, 2017

Features of Lavalier microphone

A kind of wireless microphone, generally belongs to the condenser microphone. Applicable to large-scale mobile meetings, recording, public dissemination, outdoor lectures, lectures and other occasions.

small size and light weight: the shape of the clip collar microphone, rechargeable battery with only 20g weight. It is the smallest and lightest product in its class 2.4G in the market. The user has no dress requirements, long time use does not have a sense of weight. Easy to carry, both clean and easy to manage.

Green: ultra-low wireless transmit power, electromagnetic radiation only ordinary cell phone 1/90. Avoid long-term high-frequency high-power radio waves in the human environment damage, a veritable "green wireless microphone." Using rechargeable lithium battery power supply, to avoid the one-time use of dry batteries on the environment damage.