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Portable microphone features

Nov 17, 2017

Portable microphone features

Compatible with mainstream k song software

Wireless K-Microphone. It can be conveniently used in mobile phones, tablet computers, smart boxes or smart TVs. It is compatible with the popular APP softwares such as "sing it", "cool me K song", "K song daren" and "Mi Moo love sing".

Family karaoke function

The wireless microphone receiver, Bluetooth receiver, Kara OK effects and reverbs blends together, the living room can be turned into KTV rooms.

Outdoor karaoke function

Microphone only need to have a mobile phone and portable speakers, plus a mobile power equipment, you can in the outdoor places K song

Bluetooth wireless transmission design

Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR version, follow the A2DP Bluetooth protocol, you can listen to the music source through the wireless transmission; the wireless receiver, Bluetooth receiver, sound effects and other functions into one.

Exclusive band, free from external interference

UHF wireless communication with the microphone technology, in the exclusive band transmission signal, so that in the Bluetooth and WIFI environment without any interference.

Implicit antenna design, long transmission distance.