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Remote control

Nov 13, 2017

Remote control is a wireless transmitter device, through the modern digital encoding technology, the key information is encoded by the infrared diode light waves, light waves through the receiver's infrared receiver will receive the infrared signal into an electrical signal into the processor Decode, demodulate the corresponding instructions to achieve control of set-top boxes and other equipment to complete the required operational requirements.

Remote control is a device used to remotely control a machine. Modern remote controls consist mainly of integrated circuit boards and buttons used to generate different messages (message definitions in communication science: composed of a set of meaningful symbols that are related to each other and express a complete meaning) composition.

The passenger car remote control is the latest technology encoding and decoding, to flash the door to control the solenoid valve to achieve the purpose of switching automatic doors. For bus (bus, CMB) remote control open, close the door, to avoid the driver every time you need to open the door to open the car trouble. The main part of the remote control transmitter part of the infrared light-emitting diodes. It is actually a special light-emitting diode. Because of its internal material is different from ordinary light-emitting diodes, when a certain voltage is applied to both ends, it emits infrared rather than visible light.