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Smart Wireless Microphone innovation and design

Oct 28, 2017

Smart Wireless Microphone innovation and design

The wireless microphone, sound card and mixer through the digital technology for intelligent integration, which greatly simplifies the home K song system combination method, so that the family K song and friends meet K song becomes simple and convenient, and even anytime, anywhere can The degree of K song. At the same time through the exquisite design, so K song partner can be very convenient and the use of computer phones, so that the family K song can be combined with the massive network of song resources, the user can the fastest, convenient, free K to the new song.

The value of the product

1: has completed the popularity of computers, and is the popularity of smart phones, smart TVs, tablet PCs all over the world.

2: the network also achieved global coverage.

3: There are massive songs on the network.

4: the global popularity of the speaker is much higher than the passive speaker.

5: TV computer on the family members emotional interaction is not helpful.

6: singing innate can soothe the day of fatigue.

7: parents desire for children cheerful character.

8: the loneliness of the elderly.

9: singing the song of the game practice.