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Type of 3D glasses

Oct 21, 2017

Complementary color

Also known as color difference, both common red and blue, red and green and other colored lenses 3D glasses.
Color difference can be called color separation stereoscopic imaging technology, is used in two different angles on the image were printed in two different colors in the same sub-picture. With the naked eye to watch the words will be vague ghost images, only through the corresponding red and blue and other stereoscopic glasses can see the three-dimensional effect is to color the red and blue filter, red image through the red lens blue through the blue Lens, two eyes to see the different images in the brain overlap showing 3D stereo effect.


Red light red lens, blue light blue lens, human brain can be three-dimensional imaging.

polarized light

Polarization 3D technology is now widely used in commercial cinema and other high-end applications. In the technical way and the shutter is the same, the difference is passive reception is also known as passive 3D technology, auxiliary equipment, the lower the cost, but the higher requirements of the output device, it is very suitable for commercial cinema, etc. Need to use a lot of places of the audience. Not flash is the use of this principle.