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Virtual Reality All-in-one Headset

Oct 22, 2017

Virtual Reality All-in-one Headset

VR head with a standalone processor (virtual reality headset). With independent operation, input and output functions. Function as external VR head is powerful, but no connection constraints, higher degrees of freedom.

According to informed sources, Tencent held on March 10 one machine supplier meeting, one machine will be based on the RK3288 program (Rui core micro-best mobile chip, 4 with MALI T760 GPU, competing for all the A80, And A80 is another one of the domestic smart mirror black with the program), by the intelligent hardware surgeon, is still in the internal R & D state. Some people have told us that RK3288 may not be able to drive two cameras plus a screen, can not be equipped with binocular camera.

At the same time, it is said that Tencent mutual entertainment division is also to the domestic VR entrepreneurial team digging, is preparing VR content no doubt, and based on Tencent in the Internet field coverage, become VR field in the sense of the platform should also be in their consideration within.

In addition, from the official microblogging picture analysis, Tencent is likely to be released on the 28th of this month smart watches, VR one machine, game box three products, there is no more information.

Tencent at this time into the game, the industry generally surprised, the wind seems to be earlier than they thought earlier, and violent.

In addition to Tencent, the domestic virtual reality business, Shanghai music technology VR one machine has been the first appearance in the United States CES, and has announced the news in March 2016 officially released, big friends VR machine with a Samsung OLED screen, The rate of 2K, pixel conversion time will be controlled within 1ms, and Daming VR has been with the world's leading core processor and chip maker ARM company reached a global strategic cooperation, is the only one to ARM company processor optimization program Of the domestic virtual reality equipment manufacturers. ARM provides support for Front buffer and Context priority for large users VR, which is the key Multiview rendering support. ARM and the big friends VR core team to solve the very critical VR problem, their technical solutions can significantly reduce the VR rendering GPU computing volume。