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Virtual Reality Application Market

Oct 25, 2017

Provide massive VR video, cool VR games, shocking panoramic video, allowing users to experience the real virtual world.

2016 is known as the real first year of the V R industry, the environment, the industry chain has begun to take shape. The current demand for content continues to increase, from the plane, audio to video, the next breakthrough is the VR, as a panoramic content can enhance the content of a level. And V R will collaborate across the field to promote the development of other industries, such as: games, social, education and many other industries to produce qualitative change. The current VR has been applied in some military training, the future will redefine the game, travel and social.


Game, is that people think VR most likely to touch an industry, but also the most "money". Whether it is role-playing, racing racing or action games, are the most promising VR development areas. In the simulation of driving, VR has a lot of application space. VR can provide almost the same experience with the real environment, and the required equipment is not complicated.

Movie / concert

This is the scene that has been achieved. People wear helmet glasses, at home will be able to experience the IMAX-class film effects, you can see the number of movies and concerts are increasing speed. In addition, some companies have begun to shoot VR movies, this film is more intense sense of immersion

Electricity business

In the online shopping, if you can put on the next line before the order, may be able to save a lot of freight. VR glasses can solve this problem. Wear glasses, the buyer can be in the massive clothes to find fit clothes, one piece on the body try.


VR and the combination of education, can definitely subvert the previous teaching model, the teacher for the class of students no difference in teaching, subversion for the real individualization of individualized teaching, every student can in the virtual environment, listen to the teacher for their lectures, But also dialogue with the teacher.


With the help of VR, people can build a virtual human body model, with the help of trackball, HMD, feel gloves, learning to understand the internal organs of the body structure, the virtual human body model surgery, observation of the effect after surgery, you can also use VR technology training New doctor.