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Amimon Pushes Wireless VR / AR Solutions Up To 2K Resolution / 90 Frames

Amimon pushes wireless VR / AR solutions up to 2K resolution / 90 frames

At present, one of the criticisms of the high-end virtual reality (VR) system is that it requires wires to transfer power and data to the helmet equipment. There are many wireless systems in development today and some have been released, such as TPCAST. It is reported that, Amimon will be in San Francisco VRX show has demonstrated a wireless VR and mixed reality (MR) system, new technology.

Amimon has patented a zero delay HD video transmission wireless system that utilizes 5GHz broadband to deliver high quality video for any environment, including multi-user scenarios such as those used in a large, targeted VR background . Broadband sight. The system uses an embedded chip that achieves a 2K VR resolution at 90fps frame rate, similar to the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, or 120fps at 1080p, similar to PlayStation VR. High frame rates have been shown to reduce vertigo symptoms in the simulation.

The company has begun offering businesses and industries high definition wireless video technologies such as medical, cinematography and commercial drones. Amimon is now rolling out this technology to provide a wireless VR video without delay that is compatible with many existing VR systems.

"We are very pleased to showcase the technology we've been working on to develop that is a big step toward a truly mobile and seamless VR world and a completely delayed VR experience for everyone." Vice President, Amimon Uri Kanonich said, "Our commitment to technology roadmaping will support the next generation of AR and MR solutions, which will change the way we interact with our surroundings."