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Do Not Have To Sing VR Is Dead, And Now It's Just A Midfield Break

Do not have to sing VR is dead, and now it's just a midfield break

Two years ago, high-end VR (virtual reality) helmets debut in the shelves of major shopping malls, became a hot "seat guest." At that time, many people predicted that the era of full-scale explosion of the VR field is coming. The time has come to the end of 2017, but their current treatment is not what they were.

Sony reportedly closed Guerrilla Cambridge, a VR game development studio, in January of this year. In November, the Icelandic game developer CCP (the first company to announce a VR game) announced the complete termination of the operation of the VR department ... It seems that the "abandoned Pit "more bad news of the future of VR.

If you divert your attention from these negative messages to the number of VR products, you will find there is still a chance of success in the VR arena - it is slowly gaining a firm foothold.

Earlier this year, VR equipment sales volatile. However, VR equipment achieved a breakthrough in the third quarter with more than 1 million sales: nearly half of them came from Sony. As the top three salespersons, Sony, Oculus and HTC accounted for 86% of the total sales in the third quarter.

According to Canalys report, Oculus's price cuts are an important factor in this sales growth. In September of this year, Oculus decided to temporarily reduce the price of the Rift to $ 399. In addition, the increase in market demand prompted PSVR (Sony developed headset for the PS4 and above) stocks rose sharply.

As the field of VR matures, developers can start from the following two aspects to ensure the competitive advantage of their products.

Control the scale

In addition, the need to respond to market changes and analysis of data in time to adjust the concept of the game to adapt to market demand. For example, the initial version of The Assembly (a VR game) was released without motion control, which was later augmented by user feedback. As it turns out, this change has greatly enhanced the long-term sales performance of this game. Of course, we also carry out various promotional activities for it (including seasonal promotions). In addition, we use the data to analyze the pros and cons of the game, which helps us to optimize the game and develop new games.