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HTC Push VR One Machine, Snapdragon 835 + AMOLED Screen

Nov 16, 2017

Recently, HTC announced VIVE Wave VR open platform at the VIVE Developer Summit and brought VIVE Focus, a state-of-the-art VR all-in-one equipped with Snapdragon 835 mobile VR platform, which uses inside-out tracking technology to support six Degree of freedom (6DoF).

According to HTC VIVE official website, VIVE Wave has the following major features: Embedded VR runtime, cross-platform support for Android 7.1 and above; Development interface, easy to connect various plug-ins and devices; VR optimized for mobile; Support Variety of VR Heads; Industry Standard Format APIs for Easily Migrating Content to VIVE Wave Supports a wide range of CPU architecture optimizations.

The main feature of VIVE Focus is ready-to-wear, easy to use, comfortable to wear, and easy to carry, making it the first high-end to feature inside-out tracking technology, 6 DOF (6 DOF) VR one machine products.

VIVE Focus eliminates the need to connect a computer or cell phone, while reducing the cost of high-end VR devices for the broader consumer base. Not only that, VIVE Focus is equipped with a high resolution AMOLED display to provide users with a low latency, high definition experience, and equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 mobile VR platform to support VIVE Wave VR open platform.

VIVE Wave VR SDK (Software Development Kit) provides an open interface, compatible with a variety of mobile VR head-mounted devices and accessories, and VIVE Port store as a common content platform.

HTC said VIVE Focus can use the VIVE port content platform just like VIVE Heads, and more than 100 developers now have content for HTC VIVE Focus. Focus at this stage is only a developer version, the price may be released in early 2018 CES, is expected to be listed in the first quarter.