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Indiana University Unveils VR Environment System

Dec 07, 2017

Indiana University Unveils VR Environment System

In VR, the most attractive is the immersion, that is, allowing users to lose their own characteristics in the virtual environment. Some teams try to increase immersion by changing the real world, but how do you synchronize these effects with virtual content? Indiana University's start-up team came up with a solution.

CyUtil LLC, a startup based at Indiana University, developed a system called cy.PIPES, also known as the Programmable Immersive Peripheral Environment System. The company was founded by Chauncey Frend, programmer and analyst at Indiana University's Advanced Visualization Laboratory. Since college, he has been focused on immersive environmental systems.

y.PIPES systems are designed to enable immersive VR content to be synchronized with environmental tools such as the fan-generated wind or the heat generated by the light bulb to provide deeper immersion.

 "I developed cy.PIPES to make it easy for users to plug in and run the 4D effects of their choice with the Unity game engine." Frend said that dynamic factors such as the wind can be automatically identified by cy.PIPES and based on the user's desired effect Presented, "I want to prove that we can easily and cost-effectively link environmental conditions to virtual and augmented reality systems."

 Frend have now been launched on Indiegogo crowdfunding website and look forward to using the funds associated with VR content developers, and systems used cy.PIPES their content, and content developers to promote the early iterations products together.

 "VR can be used for a variety of experiences such as green energy training, alternative energy education, traffic jam simulations, flight simulations, real estate tours, ancient heritage tours and more." Frend said, "By adding and synchronizing environmental conditions, these experiences will become More immersive, wind, hot, scenting and tactile details can help developers create a new world that can not be missed without thinking. "