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Interpupillary Distance Adjustment Wearing VR Glasses Wearing Less Than Half An Hour

Jan 17, 2017

"Through VR glasses saw separate images for the left and right, which is left-eye image, an image in the right eye, the Visual angle is slightly different, and brain, eventually forming stereoscopic vision. "Xia Jiangsheng physicians Vice President of Fuzhou's Southeast Ophthalmic Hospital business introduction, saying from the imaging principle, VR is new technology.
Wearing VR glasses whether there is damage to the eyes, Xia Jiangsheng says, wearing VR glasses and eye deviation problem on the pupil distance, easily lead to eye fatigue, dizziness, visual disturbances; "some nearsighted people, take off your glasses when wearing VR glasses, because left and right eye diopter is different, resulting in left and right eye vision quality is not the same, will make eye fatigue. "Xia Jiangsheng introduction for people for latent squint, usually Visual and like any normal person, even themselves are not aware of, but after wearing VR glasses for a long time, there will be discomfort, Visual disturbance, nausea, dizziness and other symptoms.
"VR glasses removed usually after suitable rest, eye fatigue is automatically restored if the symptoms persisted for over 24 hours, to go to the hospital for an examination. "Summer physician described, is at the developmental stages of children, wearing VR glasses for a long time, you see things not only likely to cause myopia, also interfered with the development of binocular Visual function, damage the eye's function. Xia Jiangsheng introduced, wearing VR glasses, should pay attention to adjusting the interpupillary distance, once you feel discomfort, will be removed, try not to wear for more than half an hour.