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Outline On Development Of Virtual Reality Glasses

Jan 16, 2017

Hainan University "Satanic Pace" enterprise team member Qin Jing show "Sky City" immersion virtual reality glasses. Xinhua learned from Hainan University, 2015Imagine Cup Microsoft "Imagine Cup" global student competition finals on April 21, 2015, Microsoft Asia-Pacific Research and development group headquarters 22nd in Beijing, Hainan University College "Satanic Pace" student venture team successfully developed immersion virtual reality glasses, as well as double and voice synchronization technology in the world of virtual reality, successfully obtained Microsoft "Imagine Cup" China first prize This is the history of Hainan University in Microsoft's "Imagine Cup" achieved the best results. This research project is to change the traditional social model, people can see each other's action in virtual communities, to talk to each other, a real virtual world.