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VR Glasses Interlaced Display

Jan 16, 2017

Interlaced display mode works by VR glasses will be a screen divided into two figures, namely singular trace the lines that form the odd-numbered scan lines or Single field and even trace the lines that form the even-numbered scan lines or a bipartite graph. When using the interlaced display mode to do stereo imaging, we can be the left eye image and right-eye images in single figure field and even field (or reverse order), we call this stereo interleaved format. If using shutter stereo glasses and staggered mode match, is just will figure field vertical synchronization signals as shutter switch synchronization signals can, that displayed single figure field (that left eye picture) Shi, stereo glasses will cover using who one of eye, and Dang for displayed I figure field Shi, is switch cover another a support eyes, so cycle, will can reached stereo explicit like of purpose.