Googles Cardboard 3D Virtual Glasses Shinecon VR 2.0

Googles Cardboard 3D Virtual Glasses Shinecon VR 2.0
Product Details

Googles Cardboard 3D Virtual Glasses Shinecon VR 2.0 ii Virtual Reality 3 d VR Headset Helmet Head Mount box + Remote Control

1.If this shinecon vr original ?

We promise all of our product in our sotre is original and brand new ! The material is high quality ABS and leather .


2.What's shinecon vr 3d glasses ?

3D glasses is a kind of device help us enjoy 3D movie / game with our phone . shinecon is one of the best brand in china , the lenses and the structure is very good !



3.What kind of phone works with item ?

Works for all 4.7'-6' smartphone ,Width less than 82mm, length less than 160mm, thickness no more than 10mm .


4.How to use ?

We cooperate with VEER app , provide exclusive VR Game and Video to customers , the QR Code will be put in the package with VR Glasses !

Download the vr app  to your phone , open the 3d video , then put your phone into the vr box , adjust the lenses , you can enjoy the 3D movie .


4.The lenses or head belt can be adjusted ?

Yes , there are Pupil distance section adjustment and Focal length adjustment buttons on the vr box , you can adjust them according to your demand , and the head belt also can be adjusted .


5.How about the lenses ? can I wear glasses to use it ?

The lenses of shinecon 2.0 is bigger , the diameter is 41mm , as we know ,  if the lenses is bigger , the viewing will be better ; and shinecon 2.0 supports myopia under 400 degree , if your myopia is more than 400 degree , you can wear glasses to watch .