Virtual reality VR BOX google cardboard 3D glasses

Perfectly suitable your face when you wear the VR BOX 3D Glasses. Flexible and adjustable headband is suitable for different people. You will not feel visual fatigue and dizzy even you use it for a long time because of the resin lens. Adjustable pupil distance and sight distance, satisfying different groups of people, optical Axis Sliding control function, You can slightly adjust the position of the spherical resin lens through moving, the button on the top of the VR Glasses. so as to get a better experience of watching movies.

Product Details

Virtual reality vr box google cardboard 3d glasses Shinecon VR 3.0 headset

ModelVR Shinecon 3.0
Visual angle90 Degrees
Outside shellHigh quality ABS material
Phone Support4.0’’-6.0’’ Smartphones
Head BandAdjustable


  Main Features




 Package List

  VR Shinecon 3.0 glass *1                                   

  English Manual *1                                      

  Cleaning Cloth *1                                         

  Shinecon Gamepad *1